Perhaps not everyone knows sport that resembles water polo but is not water polo. We are talking about the beach water polo, a sport that in recent years is spreading more and more thanks to the passion of those who are practice it.
We meet and talked about it with Fabrice Weise, former water polo player and coach from Belgium, founder of the non-profit organization Beachwaterpolo.
“After several years spend in the pool between swimming and water polo, me and my friends feel that we need to be able to experience something different from water polo but which had water as it`s protagonist. So, in 2017, we started organizing beach water polo tournaments, changing a little bit the rules of the game”
“First, we made some changes in the composition of the teams in the field. 6 mixed players (boys or girls) each for team who alternate in the water. Unlike water polo, in the beach water polo even the goalkeeper could score and his role is not defined but anyone, during the match, can find himself defending the net. Then we customized the game caps with respect to others by abolishing the number. This is so that everyone can feel truly equal”.
“The advantages of playing beach water polo are many. Firstly to the beauty of being able to play outside and not inside an indoor pool. Then, everybody can play this sport. This becomes possible because everyone can easily access the waters of a river and / or a lake. Obviously, facing the sea, it should be the most fascinating place to practice it”.
“We want to bet in the future on this sport with the aim of bringing beach water polo everywhere. We are planning to bring beach water polo fields also inside the swimming pools of the hotels where there are also many children with their families. So why not let them try this sport? This is why our motto.
Play water polo anywhere at anytime”.

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One Response

  1. Hello Friends.
    Regards to all from Cuba….
    Excellent interview and explanation about hoe we can practice. Improve and promote the beach water polo.
    Here.. in the island we have got a beautiful places on beach where we can build the field and play water polo..
    For many year the Cuban waterpolo players has trained and played on the beach when the pools has been closed for any we have got a little bit experience in the beach.

    I believe that Cuba and his beach would be an excellent place to organize some beach water polo tournament.
    Kind regards.
    Mr. Ernesto Toledo.
    Cuban Waterpolo referee

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