Player Interview series: Strahinja Rasovic

We have taken the time to sit down with one of Serbia’s stars, Strahinja. Check out some of the questions we asked him below:

Strahinja Rasovic is a Serbian national team player. In his club life, he is a player of KVK Radnicki.

We asked Strahinja for couple of questions.

1. When did you first realize that you could be a career water polo player and that you can turn your passion into your day job?

I think it was when I was around15,16 years old that I first started to realize that I can be professional water polo player.

2. Which challenges did you have to overcome to become the player you are today?

Many challenges and starting from a very young age. It mostly had to to with sacrifices I think all professional sportsmen have to take.

Starting from when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I used to spend my whole day at the pool with my water polo team. Most of the time we had 2 trainings per day. Oh and get this, we never had any free time during the summer! Your team is your life.

3. What motivates you the most about your profession as a water polo player?

Lots of things, I always find some motivation. I strive to impress my coaches, my co-players, people who are watching our games, and most of all… trophies. We play to win!

4. What does your daily routine look like?

Well I normally wake up early in the morning, have a hearty breakfast and then head straight to training.

After a good training session I have some leisure time and I always make sure to have a healthy filling lunch. During the afternoon I find it very important to have a nap to rest my body before heading to my evening training.

Our training sessions can get quite intense so during the season every day revolves around training and rest pretty much… It may sound boring to some bud it is how it is!

When I have a free morning or afternoon I use to rest my body and prepare for next day.

7. Which other sports do you like to follow and do you have any other hobbies?

Generally I follow all the sports, but my one hobby outside of water polo tennis, I love it.

I really enjoy myself when I’m playing tennis but unfortunately I can’t play so often.

8. Your message to Water polo Portal readers?

Follow this page, because they will give us all the information about our sport.

Thank you Strahinja for your time, and readers for taking the time to read our interview and share on social media!

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