Pro Recco won 16th Italian Cup in history

The challenge between Pro Recco and Brescia still turns in favor of the Ligurians. Sandro Sukno’s team defeated Brescia 8-7 and won the 16° Cup in its history. The boys of Mr. Bovo are unable to
complete the come back staged in the fourth time. Del Lungo saves the penalty to Dolce at 4’34 “of the 4th time. In the final for the 3rd-4th place, Savona’s victory for 10-9 against a Telimar Palermo that has never been defeated and gives the Ligurians a hard time until the end.

Final 1°-2° place AN Brescia – Pro Recco 7 – 8 (1:1 2:3 0:2 4:2) The first place in the competition that gave the Cup to Pro Recco passed by the hands of the great former on duty, the goalkeeper of 7bello Marco Del Lungo. The number 1 is the protagonist of the penalty saved to the former teammate Vincenzo Dolce who could give the draw at 4.34 minutes with just under half the time to play. Unquestionable protagonist of the Ligurian victory was the Hungarian shooter Zalanki too, author of heavy hat-trick.

Final 3° – 4° place Telimar Palermo – RN Savona 9 – 10 (2:2 2:3 3:4 2:1) The final for the third place of the Italian Cup 2021/2022 edition is won by Savona. Mr. Angelini’s team was always ahead from the first
minute of the game. When they managed to have a three goal lead, the Palermo team scored again and
keep the match in suspense. In the fourth period came the decisive penalty from Fondelli which gave
Savona the deserved third place in this national competition.

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