This weekend the A1 regional championship ended

The Regionalna Liga ended today without new surprises. As already anticipated yesterday, only the first
position could be in the balance until the last even if Novi Beograd had a slight advantage. The Belgrade
Serbs had an easy match against Mornar and won with a wide result 19 to 7. With this victory Novi Beograd
ends atop the standings. Following the Croatians of the Jug Dubrovnik who won the derby against Solaris 14
to 10. A victory that is not enough to arrive before Novi Beograd and must be satisfied with second place.
The third position goes to Jadran Split who beat Zagreb’s Mladost 13 to 5 in a game without problems for
guys from Split. Radnicki closes the ranking, who had already got the final four yesterday. Kragujevac’s
players defeated Sabac 11-10 with a Šulc penalty with 48 seconds left.
The Novi Beograd that will host the final four, will face the Serbs from Kragujevac (Radnicki) in a derby to be
enjoyed and which could have some surprises in the final result. The other derby, the Croatian one, will
face Jug against Jadran Split. Here the result is not taken for granted too and the match will be decided by
the individuals players from each side.

This weekend the A1 regional championship ended, with the tournaments in Kranj and Nis.
Primorje secured 1st place by beating Vojvodina in the 1

0th round. According to most forecasts, Vojvodina
was expected to go to the playoffs alongside Rijeka. However, in the last round, the citizens of Novi Sad lost
in a tense match against Valis Valjevo, who thus moved up to second place and will fight for a place in the
Premier League.
Primorje will meet Mornar in the playoffs (March 23 and 30). Valis Valjevo will face against Sabac.

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